What is steam cleaning machine?

What is steam cleaning machine?

2017-06-20 11:35:00 admin 17

Steam cleaning machine using high temperature, high pressure steam, to clean the floor, doors and windows and clothing, cooking machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, sanitary ware surface sterilization, removal of dust and bacteria, environmental health. Can prevent allergies, eliminate stubborn stains grease. No chemical reagents, almost zero damage to cleaning. People in the enjoyment of science and health environment, it will not have two pollution to the environment.

The utility model relates to a steam cleaning machine, also known as a saturated steam cleaning machine, which is a cleaning device which uses the high temperature and the high pressure of saturated steam to clean the oil stain on the surface of the parts and vaporize the vapor. The utility model can also clean any small gaps and holes, peel off and remove oil stains and residues, and achieve the requirements of high efficiency, water saving, cleanness, dryness and low cost, and replace the expensive dry ice cleaning.

Steam cleaning has the advantage of saving water, reducing the use of various cleaning agents, environmental protection, safety.

Principle of steam cleaning machine is the steam generated by high temperature, the movement speed of dirt surface resistance of the molecule, by destroying the binding force between them, to eliminate stubborn stains, and will be attached to the object on a variety of bacteria, mites, and microbial pathogens completely eliminated. With nozzles, brushes and other functional accessories, without the need for any cleaner environmental protection concept, rapid decontamination sterilization efficiency.