The principle and method of cleaning oilfield & oiltube with high temperature and high pressure cleaner

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Oilfield tubing, drill pipe repair cycle is the use of oil production plant to reduce the comprehensive cost of production of important measures to improve the quality of tubing, rod repair, can ensure the quality of oil wells to extend the pump cycle, reduce rework operations, reduce operating costs. Cleaning as a tubing repair test line in the first process, can effectively remove the oil pipe rod, the outer wall of the oil, wax and fouling, to ensure the repair of tubing clean, and for other processes to create a clean condition. Tubing cleaning mainly high-pressure water jet and hot boil two processes, the winter due to the recovery of tubing more, and the wax layer thick, generally used hot boiled, the rest of the season using high-pressure water jet cleaning.

In addition tubing due to wall fouling, in the past often lead to full well tubing scrapped. The use of high-pressure water jet cleaning process cleaning tubing fouling effect is obvious, can effectively reduce the waste of tubing.

B.High pressure water cleaner machine

1.Suitable machine:

CUMOND high temperature and high pressure washing machine, hot water pressure cleaner CW-DEW2511

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

2, high temperature and high pressure washing machine, hot water pressure cleaning machine technical parameters:

Pressure: 25 ~ 250bar

Temperature: 120 ℃ constant temperature

Flow: 1080L / H

Power: 11KW

3, CW-DEW2511 high temperature and high pressure washing machine, hot water pressure cleaning machine principle and characteristics

CW-DEW2511 high temperature and high pressure washing machine, hot water pressure cleaner cleaning principle is to use high pressure pump to play high pressure water, heating coil to 120 degrees high temperature hot water steam, the tube reaches the nozzle, the nozzle will be high pressure and low flow water Converted to low pressure and high flow rate of the jet, positive or tangential impact of the surface of the cleaning parts; high temperature hot water vapor on the surface of the oil, grease quickly dissolved. The jet produces enough pressure on the scale or sediment to be pulverized. Once the scale is fired, the fluid is wedged into the scale and the surface of the washware, leaving the scale off and exposing the surface of the object to be cleaned. The stratified or porous scale is easily fractured because the impact of the jet can hit a hole and an internal pressure is formed below the surface of the scale to crack the upper scale. In many jetting operations, the crushed particles are mixed in the jet to help hit more particles.

4, CW-DEW2511 high temperature and high pressure washing machine, hot water pressure cleaner

Mainly by the high-pressure piston pump, power part, heating part, nozzle, high pressure hose and working accessories and other components.

(1) high pressure piston pump

High pressure piston pump is the most important component of high pressure water jet cleaning device. Selection of ceramic quality is both high temperature and wear, thereby increasing the service life of high pressure pump.

(2) the power part

Power source for the 15-kilowatt motor. With 380 volts 50 Hz factory power supply, easy to use. This motor is a 1000 speed per minute low speed motor, effectively reducing the wear of the high pressure piston pump. Continuous working hours can reach more than 10 hours.

(3) heating part

The heating section is a double-layer heated stove made of seamless steel tubes of 60 meters long stainless steel. Can make the cold water full heating, thermal efficiency of 95% or more, so as to reach 120 ℃ constant water vapor temperature.

(4) High pressure hose

High-pressure water pump and nozzle through the 10-meter-long high-pressure hose to connect. High-pressure hose from the inner tube, reinforced layer and the three parts of the skin. The inner tube conveys the water and enhances the strength of the inner tube to withstand high pressure, while the skin protects against corrosion and mechanical damage. High pressure hoses and reinforcing layers are woven with steel wire, generally 2 to 3 layers.

(5). Spray guns, nozzles and work attachments

High pressure water passes through the hose and finally reaches the gun, nozzle and work attachment. The nozzle converts high pressure, low flow water into a low pressure, high flow rate jet. In other conditions, the cleaning effect is good or bad, mainly depends on the high pressure cleaning device accessories and nozzles. General nozzles are made of a variety of special metals. For the production of water for cleaning, generally the use of cylindrical and flat two-shaped nozzle. Because of the different structure of the two nozzles, the role is not the same, the cylindrical nozzle jet range is far, but the role of small area; and flat nozzle jet range is shorter, but the role of large area.

Tubing inside and outside the wall with oil, grease, wax, generally difficult to clean. The old process is generally used alkali cooking method,

Slow, high cost, low efficiency, poor cleanliness. And the use of CW-DEW2511 high temperature and pressure cleaning machine

Pressure 250bar, the temperature of 120 ℃ high-pressure high-temperature water vapor, high temperature can make oil, grease, wax quickly melt,

And high-pressure water can take these melt away. Low cost: each tubing cleaning costs only 2 to 3 yuan.

High efficiency: each tubing cleaning time is about 2 minutes, cleaning effect is good.

Such equipment and technology has been widely used in Dongying Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield, Panjin Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, North China Oilfield, Songyuan Oilfield, PetroChina and other oil fields.

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