• Why are you optimistic about the market prospects of steam cleaning machines?

    First, the market statusIn most countries and regions around the world, the number of cars has reached the edge of flooding.Although the huge possession of the car jeopardizes traffic safety and urban

    2018/12/13 admin

  • Ultra-high pressure water washer cleaning effect

    Clean car: Use a 360-degree brush to wash the vehicle and slowly rinse it with clean water to return the vehicle to its original clean state. This process also takes only about 5 minutes; clean car: T

    2019/02/21 CUMOND

  • Three questions about car wash shop using steam cleaner

    1. Is not enough clean after steam wash?Steam car wash has its unique thermal decomposition principle. Mild steam can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of sediment and stains, so that it can be r

    2019/02/01 CUMOND

  • Ordinary malfunction of high pressure washing machine

    High-pressure washing machine, through the power plant so that high-pressure piston pump to produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of the machine. It can be stripped dirt, washed away to achi

    2018/12/29 admin

  • Mid-Autumn Festival notice

    To all respected customers: August 15 is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China.According to the notice of the relevant state departments on the holiday arrangements for holidays in 2018, the c

    2018/12/29 admin

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