Diesel engine driven high pressure hot and cold water vapor cleaning machine / heavy oil washing machine / deicing machine

Product nameDiesel high pressure hot&cold steam cleaning machineModel No.CW-CC200Water pressure200kgSteam pressure50KGWater consumption15L/MI

Product Name : Diesel steam,hot and cold water cleaner
Brand : CUMOND
Model : CW-CC200
Warranty : 12 months
Packing way : Wooden case/wooden pallet

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

Product nameDiesel high pressure hot&cold steam cleaning machineModel No.CW-CC200
Water pressure200kgSteam pressure50KG
Water consumption15L/MINSteam flow3L/MIN
Hot water temperature100 degreePreheating time10 seconds
Steam hose10MHigh pressure hose10M
Power9HPOil consumption8L/H


1. The high-pressure cold water, hot water, steam with three, the world's first!Features:

2. Hot and cold water pressure of 200 kg hot water temperature of 100 degrees, the steam pressure of 50 kg, remarkable!

3. Machine no external power supply, comes with maintenance-free battery-powered, without charge, designed for applications where there is not convenient electric field.

4. The use of high-powered diesel-driven air-cooled horizontal bar, electric start, distinct damping measures, stable and reliable.

5. All copper head, overflow protection, stepless pressure regulation, water filtration precision, ultra-high pressure of 200 kg.

6. diesel combustion heating, special design of the heating coil, cold start 10 seconds out of hot water, heating speed, high efficiency

7. Using electromagnetic induction EMF- combustion system, ignition sensitivity, high thermal efficiency, save fuel consumption than similar products by 30%

8. The fuel-efficient furnace, to ensure a continuous supply of hot water or steam, automatic control of heating, water heating is automatically switched off.

9. The machine has been widely adopted in the Liaohe Oilfield, the maturity, the failure rate is small.


Oil wells, oil pump surface cleaning, equipment, heavy oil cleaning, ship oil cleaning, field industrial oil cleaning, remove snow and ice in winter season.

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