Portable diesel cold and hot water pressure washer

Portable diesel cold and hot water pressure washer

Diesel heating,engine driven portable high pressure cold and hot water cleaner

  • Product Name: Diesel heating,engine driven portable high pressure cold and hot water cleaner
  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-DEW25/DEW30
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet



Industrial type crankshaft piston pump, pure copper pump head (with oil window), pressure stepless adjustment, high reliability, long life; the use of advanced spiral long alloy coil design, greatly improving the heating efficiency and service life, Can be in a few seconds to produce a steady stream of high pressure hot water.

Power supplyVolt/Hz220V/50HZ220V/50HZ
Machine sizeMM790x550x1050790x550x1050


1.Industrial lubricating ceramic piston pump, forged copper pump head, super compression, imported seals, to ensure a long time without interruption and reliable operation; 

2.The use of advanced spiral long alloy pipeline design, high heating efficiency and long service life, to ensure the continued supply of hot water;

3.With over-pressure protection, water protection, off the gun stop heating, after the resumption of fire, anti-dry function;

4.A dual-use machine can be in the cold, hot water pressure cleaning operation under the two options to switch the use of simple, easy maintenance;

5.Adjustable intelligent temperature control with overheating, overload and leakage protection to ensure user safety

6.Stainless steel shock pressure gauge, precision water filtration;

7.Metal frame structure design, the use of simple operation, easy maintenance;

8.Strong heat and high pressure, so that oil clean more thoroughly;

9.Industrial design, stainless steel heating device, durable;

10.Stainless steel shock pressure gauge, with steering wheel steering wheel, small size, light weight, more flexible.

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment


Heavy duty oil cleaning services, such as offshore oil storage facilities, kitchen soot equipment, hot water washing in winter, mechanical processing, food processing and brewing, automobile manufacturing, power supply, oilfield mining, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, paper, construction and other cleaning services.