Diesel steam and hot&cold water cleaning machine

Mobile diesel heating, motor drive steam pressure washer,Industrial steam cleaning machines.

  • Product Name: Mobile diesel heating, motor drive steam pressure washer
  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-DEWS30/DEWS40
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet

Instant High-pressure steam cleaning machine can dissolve any stubborn grease; high-pressure steam can cut into small cracks, stripping, remove the residue.with small water consumption, low power consumption, It is easily resolved and revmove oil and other hard issues.It can be adjusted the steam.hot and cold water according to customer conditions,greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.


Steam Cleaner Machine , Steam Car Wash , Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner , Cold  Water High Power Cleaner , Pressure Water Washer

Steam Cleaner Machine , Steam Car Wash , Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner , Cold  Water High Power Cleaner , Pressure Water Washer


SteamSteam flowL/H108120
Steam pressureBar/Mpa35/3.535/3.5
Steam temperature185185
Hot waterWater flowL/H540660
Hot water pressureBar/Mpa130/13170/17
Power supplyVolt/Hz380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Machine sizeMM1100x740x9301100x740x930



1.Industrial lubrication type ceramic plunger pump, forged copper pump head, stepless pressure regulation, imported seals, high reliability, long life;

2.The use of advanced spiral long alloy pipeline design, high heating efficiency and long service life;

3.With over-pressure protection, water protection, Stoped heating after turned off and recovery after start, anti-dry function;

4.Adjustable intelligent temperature control, with over-heating, over-load and leakage protection design to ensure the safety of users;

5.Steam / hot water modular design, improve cleaning efficiency, suitable for a variety of conditions to use;

6.Stainless steel shock pressure gauge, precision water filtration;

7.Chassis spray treatment,Easy operate and maintenance;

8.Industrial design, durable, stainless steel heating device;

9.Heavy-duty inflatable wheel and brake caster, easy to move;

10.Unique transmission design, pump and motor installation of high precision, the pump running vibration, low temperature, low noise.


Petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electricity, automobiles, ships, railway roads, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industrial cleaning fields.

◆ Oil drilling company drilling rigs, drilling rigs and other drilling equipment cleaning, oil production wells and oil wells of heavy oil removal;

◆ Cold area pipeline thawing, equipment maintenance and maintenance before winter;

◆ Production equipment, site, cleaning the production of heavy grease and oil ;

◆ Railway locomotive parts, body shell, air conditioning train central air conditioner cleaning;

◆ Mining vehicles and other engineering machinery body,cleaning  oil / grease parts;

◆ Metallurgical system roll, gear, bearings and cleaning other equipment oil, grease parts ;

◆ Engine, gearbox and other maintenance before the removal of dry oil;

◆ Ship, machinery and other industries professional tools for cleaning and maintenance;

Application of car steam cleaning machine (youtube video)


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