Industrial pressure washers

Mobile cold water diesel engine driven high pressure washer

  • Product Name: Mobile cold water petrol engine driven high pressure washer
  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-DN2522/DN3522
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet


Engine powerHP2222
Pump speedR.P.M14501450


1, Famous single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, horsepower strong, equipped with slowdown to start the motor, easy to achieve the device to start;

2, Italy industrial grade lubricating ceramic piston pump, forged copper pump head, super compression, high performance;

3, European standard cone sleeve belt drive, effective control of high-pressure pump output speed;

4, Standard professional spray gun with a security lock, double wire high pressure hose;

5, High-performance bypass control regulator, stable regulation of pressure;

6,Industrial design reinforced steel structure, surface spray metal frame;

7, Double display all steel pressure gauge, pressure display at a glance;

8, Precision water filtration, reduce water impurities, effectively extend the life of the pump.


1.Municipal sanitation, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electric power, automobile, ship, railway road, construction, metallurgy, cement, pharmaceutical, food processing, mining and other industrial fields.

2.Remove the sticks, stains, etc .; machinery and equipment, parts, etc .;

3. sand, castings, templates, etc .;

4.Cleaning surface attachments, dirt: buildings, equipment, ground, road, wall, etc .;

5.Clear the plug: all kinds of pipes, tube, etc .;

6.remove dirt, chemical residues: all kinds of containers, barrels, ponds, pipes and so on;

7. Ship (Boat) cleaning:  included  hull cleaning, ship surface treatment, ship paint, remove oyster, deck cleaning.