Industrial hot water pressure washer

Outdoor mobile diesel heating, gas / diesel driven cold water pressure washer

  • Product Name: Outdoor mobile diesel heating, diesel driven cold water pressure washer
  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-DW1507/DW2010/DW2513
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet


Garbage transfer station with high temperature and high pressure cleaning machine professional for field cleaning operations, comes with power with great flexibility, no power supply. Designed for cleaning operations such as port facilities (container), offshore oil collection facilities, construction machinery and vehicles, railway locomotives, mining, shipbuilding, electric power, chemical, construction road machinery, municipal sanitation and other cleaning operations.

Engine powerKW71013
diesel enginediesel enginediesel engine
Start modeElectric12V12V12V
Machine sizeMM1070×780×11501070×780×11501070×780×1150


Built-in power generation with great flexibility to use, in any place where no power cleaning operations;

Industrial lubricating ceramic piston pump, forged copper pump head, pressure stepless adjustment, import seals, high reliability, long life;

The use of advanced spiral long alloy pipeline design, high heating efficiency and long service life;

Unique shock design, pump and engine installation of high precision, small pump running vibration, low temperature, low noise;

With over-pressure protection, water protection, off the gun stop heating, after the resumption of fire, anti-dry function;

Easy to operate, only the key to achieve the device start and stop;

Single cylinder steam / diesel engine, cold start preheat function;

Rugged metal frame structure design, surface spray treatment;

Adjustable temperature control, auxiliary belt drive AC power generation, stable and reliable;

Strong heat and high pressure, so that heavy oil clean more thoroughly.


Petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electricity, automobiles, ships, railway roads, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industrial cleaning areas.

◆ mining transport vehicles, drilling equipment, clean, sea oil spill facilities such as oil cleaning;

◆ port facilities, municipal sanitation, aquaculture and other cleaning;

◆ railway locomotive parts, body shell, air conditioning train central air conditioner cleaning;

◆ mining vehicles and other engineering machinery body, parts oil / grease cleaning;

◆ metallurgical system Roll, gear, bearings and other equipment parts oil, grease cleaning;

◆ construction vehicles, machinery cleaning, road deck cleaning, steel surface paint, rust;

◆ road maintenance, facilities cleaning and maintenance, gas stations, toll stations clean;

◆ industrial buildings inside and outside the wall, the ground, the plant cleaning.