Pipe cleaning and inspection robot for ships cleaning and oil pipeline cleaning CW-T18P

Pipe cleaning and inspection robot is one of the new concepts of professional service robots. Sewer pipes are typically of non-man-entry classification (less than 0.8 m diameter).

  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-T18P
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing: Wooden case/wooden pallet


Pipe cleaning and inspection robot technical parameters

Dimensions: 330mm (length) × 270mm (width) × 200mm (height)
Weight: 18.2Kg; Power: 120W
Input voltage: AC220V; Robot Operating voltage: DC24V,
Job trip: standard with 20 m (waterproof cable), can be extended upon request to 100 meters.
Exercise: 4 * 4 drive (strong permanent magnetic wheel drive);
Rotation radius: zero radius (in situ 360 ° rotation)
Traveling speed: 0-10 m / min (stepless)
Camera and lighting: 520 lines of industrial grade color camera can automatically level 360 ° / 90 ° tilt
Rotation; Lighting: 2 * 3W astigmatism type LED illumination light (low-temperature long-life LED light source)
Waterproof grade: IP66 (can effectively prevent harm from all directions of the high pressure water jet)
Video Storage: 500G maximum continuous recording time: 6 hours
Display: 3.5-inch high-resolution color LCD display, synchronization and video surveillance systems.
Standard industrial design: a complete safety walk program control systems, circuit overload, the original device
Security System

Pipe cleaning robot

High temperature pressure washer can be used with robot, the high temperature nozzle connected to the pipeline robot delivered to the internal pipes, view and control the internal pipe cleaning nozzle through video surveillance platform. , Easy manipulation greatly enhance the progress of the project in the pipeline is free to reach any corner, the whole video control, more thorough cleaning. High temperature high pressure water jet cleaning, do not damage the wall, environmental safety. Really eliminate fumes risks, to fire safety requirements.