2 steam guns,hot&cold water and steam cleaning machine

Commercial diesel steam water pressure washers with two mdoels(battery powered and 220V electricity).With perfect steam pressure and water pressure,it is the best steam cleaning machine on carpet cleaning and car detailing.

Product Name : Diesel powered hot water pressure washers
Brand : CUMOND
Model : CW-DB20
Warranty : 12 months
Packing way : Wooden case/wooden pallet


CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment


Steam pressure: 2Mpa/20Bar/290Psi

High pressure hot water: 7Mpa/70Bar/1015Psi

Steam jet gun: 2 pcs

Oil consumption: 2.5-3L/H

Steam production: 90KG/H

Pre-heating time: 10 seconds

Driven method: 48V batteries driven system

Heating temperature: Over 200℃

Oil tank:15L

Water tank: 23L

Dimensions: 1010*720*850mm

Weight: 125KG


1.Easy operation, intuitive display and electronic control, very stable and reliable.

2. All stainless steel shell, all stainless steel coil, not rust, light weight, high durability.

3. With 0.75"of the nozzle, the continued release of steam 1 hour only spend 3 liters fuel, low fuel consumption.

4. Nozzle standard 2.0 large jet eyes, continuous deflation of 15-35 kg pressure, atmospheric pressure, powerful steam pressure.

5. The use of EMF-electromagnetic induction combustion system, ignition sensitive, no delay, high thermal efficiency, reject the industrial burner.

6. Diesel combustion heating, special heating coil design, The prehating time only 1 minute to start steam, heating speed, high efficiency.

7. Efficient fuel heating furnace to ensure continuous supply of steam, heating, automatic control, water to stop heating, turn off the gun delay.

8. Fuel tank 15 liters, water tank 23 liters, built-in water level valve, can be manually or automatically add water, water, automatic alarm; can be converted to external water tank, the built-in water tank to cleaner box.

9. Industrial machine piston pump, high pressure and low flow, stable performance, durable, all copper pump head, overflow protection, high-precision water filtration can be a long time continuous operation.

10.48V battery powered(CW-DB20) with strong anti-freeze function, the use of worry-free winter for the car wash shop or factory oil cleaning, low fuel consumption, large amount of atmospheric pressure, steam humidity adjustable, a multi-function machine, the effect is significant.

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