Hot Water Pressure Washers

CUMOND hot water diesel pressure washers are engineered for removing grease, grime, oil, paint stripping and other tough outdoor cleaning applications.

  • Product Name: Diesel heating,engine driven portable high pressure cold and hot water cleaner
  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-DEW2075/DEW2575/DEW2875
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet


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With powerful oil and diesel heating hot water pressure high-pressure washing machine, heating speed, easy to move, a dual-use, can be used in cold and hot water cleaning operations under the two options to switch, the use of simple, easy to maintain. Temperature, pressure can be adjusted according to the use of conditions, the use of high temperature and high pressure dissolved rinse stubborn oil, greatly improve work efficiency, mainly for petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electricity, automobiles, ships, railways, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industries Cleaning field. Equipment maintenance, production equipment, site, the production of heavy oil on the oil / sludge, the hotel fume cleaning.


Machine sizeMM1000x710x11501000x710x11501000x710x1150


Industrial-type lubricating ceramic piston pump, forged copper pump head, super compression, imported seals, to ensure a reliable operation for a long time;

The use of advanced spiral long alloy pipeline design, high heating efficiency and long service life;

With over-pressure protection, water protection, off the gun stop heating, after the resumption of fire, anti-dry function;

Adjustable temperature control, with overheating, overload and leakage protection design to ensure user safety;

Pressure adjustable, stainless steel shock pressure gauge, precision water filtration;

Built-in stainless steel water buffer tank;

Metal frame structure design, surface spray treatment

Strong heat and high pressure, so that heavy oil clean more thoroughly;

Industrial design, stainless steel heating device, durable;

Heavy duty tires and brake caster, easy to move;

Pump and motor installation of high precision, small pump running vibration, low temperature, low noise;


Petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electricity, automobiles, ships, railway roads, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industrial cleaning areas. 

◆ various parts, equipment maintenance, offshore oil spill facilities, kitchen fumes and other oil cleaning equipment; 

◆ production equipment, venues, the production process of heavy oil / grease cleaning; 

◆ railway locomotive parts, body shell, air conditioning train central air conditioner cleaning; 

◆ mine system forklift, mining and other engineering machinery body, parts oil / grease cleaning; 

◆ metallurgical system Roll, gear, bearings and other equipment parts oil, grease cleaning; 

◆ steel structure in addition to paint, rust; 

◆ ship, machinery and other industries professional tools for cleaning and maintenance; 

◆ industrial buildings inside and outside the wall, the ground, the plant cleaning.

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment