Electric steam cleaning machine

CUMOND electric steam cleaners are effective in cleaning many different things with dry&wet steam. With proper pressure for for stain removal, curtains, crevasses, bed bug control, car seats and industrial equipments cleaning.

  • Product Name: Electric steam cleaning
  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CW-ES06/ES08/ES12/ES16
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet

Cumond Mobile steam car washer CW-ES06/08/12/16 installation&operation video:

Can be customized two steam guns video:


Steam car wash machine

Heating method:Electric

Multiple protection, Wet /dry steam temperature is adjustable

Preheating time:60 seconds

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

Steam ConsumptionL/H20303540
steam pressureBar8-1310-1311-1511-15
Steam temperature185185185185
Water tank capacityL20202828
Detergent tank capacityL12121515
Heating powerKW681216
Machine sizeCM80×45×7980×45×7980×45×7980×45×79



With water shortage protection, leakage protection, over temperature protection, over pressure protection function; using heat transfer technology, water and electricity separation, no container, safety use.

Instant steam production:

60 seconds instantaneous production, without waiting too much time to preheat, long uninterrupted continuous work.

Special design:

Manual, and automatic water inlet mode easily choose, winter antifreeze function; steam cleaning, water washing function, steam and water can be used independently.


It can be customized according to the actual use of the user, set for the single double system, single machine guns.

Commercial steam car washing machine for the flexible cleaning, the use of steam thermal degradation principle, with a soft steam will be attached to the car surface dirt, softening, expansion, separation, and then clean the cloth with the remaining dirt and a little water stains removed; Help the protection of the paint, the gap cleaning, and less water damage to the circuit, can effectively clean the car engine, dashboard, air conditioning and other parts; while steaming, while dry, a process can be successfully washed Car, the operation is more simple and fast.


1.With water protection, leakage protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection;

2.Instantaneous steam production, short time to preheating,continious making steam without interruption during it works;

3.Double steel pressure gauge, pressure display at a glance;

4.Open-type closed structure design, simple operation, easy maintenance;

5.The body is made of stainless steel;

6.Water and electricity separation, the use of advanced heat transfer technology, no container cans, more safety for users;

7.It can be choose for manual or automatic water supply,with winter antifreeze function during low temperature;

8.Steam cleaning, water washing function, steam and water can be used independently;

9.It can be based on user use, set up a single dual system, ,one machine with two steam guns.


Industrial environment, pharmaceutical plants, food processing, hospitals, car beauty, hotels and so on.

1.Decontamination of machine parts;

2.Car beauty, automotive interior air conditioning, engine cleaning;

3.Canteen, food cleaning and disinfection;

4.Hotel hotel bathroom, room cleaning, decontamination;

5.Hospital equipment disinfection, cleaning.


CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment

CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment