CUMOND Hot water pressure cleaning machine maintenance

CUMOND Hot water pressure cleaning machine maintenance

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How to do high-pressure hot water washing machine maintenance?

1, if the cleaning work is seasonal, or need to be stored for some time, or to move, in order to ensure the normal use later, the steps are as follows:

Dispose of the remaining material in the equipment and do antifreeze work. See Section C. If it is summer, follow the steps in Section C to vent the debris in the furnace.

Turn off the power and turn the temperature switch to "OFF" to store the battery in a dry environment.

Wipe the water on the equipment and dry the inner wall of the cylinder with a small piece of cloth and dry the outside surface of the machine.

The equipment surface is well protected.

Remove the high - pressure hose and store it well.

Seal all open ports: water inlet, outlet, hose and gun end.

Cover with moisture - proof material to moisture.

In a highly humid environment, use desiccant or calcium chloride to protect the equipment.

Section E: Degreasing

Different areas of different water quality, the incidence of scaling are also different. If the water contains more minerals, you need to do regular maintenance.

1, turn off the machine.

2, cut off the water, will be adjusted in proportion to a mixture of acid and water into the tank.

3, remove the nozzle, the pressure down.

4, the gun into the water tank.

5, start the pump to run, the formation of an acidic solution of the circulatory system.

6, in the process of circulation, the solution is yellow with impurities, the process takes 30-90 minutes, the specific time depends on the working conditions of the heating tube. Acidic substances are consumed during dissolution, and the color of the solution changes from bright red to yellow. When the solution continues to remain red, the most effective cleaning process is complete. The orange-yellow solution indicates that 85% of the acidic material is consumed.

7. Close the pump and remove the gun from the tank and into the drain.

8, open the water, start the pump. Add water for about 5 minutes, and then into the cleaning agent, inhibit the survival of acidic substances.

9, installed on the nozzle.

Note: acidic substances are corrosive, will seriously damage the heating furnace, will lead to the formation of pinholes in the heat exchange, damage the pump. Be sure to clean the acidic material.


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