Steam car washing advantages and development trends

Steam car washing advantages and development trends

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CUMOND Steamer steam car wash is a high-level steam car detailing care services, high pressure steam car wash can be disinfected, but also decontamination, a unique thermal decomposition function, can quickly resolve the sediment and dirt sticky nature, let it from the attached car Surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Steam car wash has a strong thermal degradation of physical properties, when the surface of the body when the jet, the thermal degradation at the same time, steam car wash jet out of the low temperature steam pressure shock wave is equal to the speed of 90-100 km per hour when the speed Car paint the surface of the contaminated objects swept away the light, and then only wipe, so there is no damage to the car paint, coupled with neutral steam cleaning wax water will quickly solidify the surface of the paint, the formation of wax film to protect the paint.


Steam car washer machine features:

1. The use of low-temperature steam, no damage to the paint.

2. Low water consumption, compared with the traditional car wash to save 98% of the water.

3. In line with national energy conservation and environmental protection policy.

4. Low temperature steam to avoid the northern winter easy to wash the problem of ice.

5. Low temperature steam is softer, to avoid high-pressure water impact of sand on the paint damage.


The advantages of steam car wash:

(1) to adapt to energy saving and environmental protection of the big market trends

With the international energy-saving environmental protection mechanism and awareness, the traditional high-pressure washing car because it does not save water resources, resulting in a large number of waste water pollution and other defects, steam car wash just to solve these problems, steam car wash will become a new trend.

(2) can be adapted to various places of the car wash service

Steam car wash with no waste water pollution advantages, car washing services can be carried out to the door to move the car wash, underground car park car wash, large shopping malls car wash car, home users self-cleaning car.

(3) can be all-round car wash

Steam car washing machine can be flexible to adjust the dry and humid, different from the traditional washing, in addition to cleaning the body, you can also clean the interior, chair cover, spare parts surface oil, car carburetor, valve nozzle, and engine surface oil Wait

(4) can improve the cleaning for the fine wash

The main concept of steam fine washing is: first steam can be fully cleaned the various parts of the car; and the most important thing is the steam car wash is not a simple high pressure plus cold water rinse process, but by steam drying characteristics to the appropriate pressure and temperature To the car every fine parts of the clean, sterilization, disinfection, in addition to taste, to achieve a more car wash cleanliness, will be simple to improve the traditional cleaning for the fine car maintenance, more closely related to the owners and family health problems.

Steam car washing and traditional car washing classification

1, according to the cleaning medium used in two

One is chemical cleaning, one is the physical cleaning (ie, water cleaning).

Chemical cleaning is to use acid, alkali chemical substances to be cleaned objects in the cleaning process to produce chemical reactions, so that stripping off the pollutants, to clean, clean the effect, such as daily production used in decontamination powder, laundry Powder, clean liquid, detergent, etc., but they are prepared with the amount of acid and alkali ranging, so the damage is also ranging from the size, but we all know, metal objects are afraid of acid, fear of alkali, fear of oxidation, Acid and alkali will be corroded and oxidized off, cleaning the body after the residual acid and alkali liquid flow to the river lakes will produce a lot of heavy metal substances, so that serious deterioration of water, deterioration, a serious threat to the human living environment, so chemical cleaning is not a Desirable cleaning method.

2, according to the cleaning method is divided into two kinds.

Water washing is divided into two kinds of traditional washing and steam washing.

The traditional car wash is the use of high-pressure water gun rinse the body to achieve the purpose of cleaning the body of a car wash, which is characterized by large water consumption, cleaning effect is good, easy to use, easy to use, in the streets can see this way, but also the current The most widely used in the market a way. But its large amount of water, a large number of high alkaline detergent, on the one hand caused a lot of waste of water resources, on the other hand will cause irreversible damage to the body, more and more by the government and individual owners of the boycott.

Steam car washing is a special treatment of water vapor on the body of a way of cleaning, the characteristics of small water consumption, cleaning effect is good, complex operation, the professional requirements of the washing machine is higher. At present, the steam car washing machine on the market is mainly the way of car washing, the small and convenient cleaning features more and more loved by the majority of owners, and as a way of environmental protection, but also in line with the requirements of national construction of conservation-oriented society, the future For some time will be developed by leaps and bounds.

Steam car wash development prospects:

With the global environment and the increasingly scarce water resources, the current social awareness of each person is growing, especially for the degree of water resources to achieve an unprecedented level of treasure. Therefore, the water-saving environmental protection is known for the steam car wash will be swept by the momentum of the situation to promote the entire car washing industry changes. In this great change, opportunities and challenges coexist, how to grasp the direction of change with the trend, will be the key to this change battle. If you stick to the rules, do not think change, is bound to be abandoned by the whole era.

Steam car wash not only conform to the environmental protection and energy saving social trends, steam car wash in the car beauty project also called the supreme level of care services, therefore, also known as the car beauty spa. High-pressure steam can be sterilized antivirus, in addition to smell, more with its unique thermal decomposition function, quickly resolve the sediment and stain sticky nature, so that stains from the car surface to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning. And because of its ultra-low water emission characteristics, but also can be used to clean the car interior, engine engine, clean around the corner, a machine full of advantages by the majority of owners respected. Therefore, a large number of car wash owners who can take the lead in steaming car washing and micro-water car to lay the industry's dominant position, is undoubtedly occupied the industry's high ground.

In summary, with the rapid increase in the number of cars and owners of consumer awareness and awareness of environmental protection, steam car wash will drive home mobile car washing business, with an overwhelming advantage to change the entire car wash industry.


Three determinants:

1, car ownership

Car ownership will be more for the car wash industry market provides a potential consumer base, keep less market consumption base is weak.

2, climate and environmental factors

In the same amount of car ownership in two areas, a sand less, less rain, the car dirty slow; a sandstorm, more rain, the car dirty fast. There is a gap between the two areas of the car cleaning frequency.

3, consumer awareness

Car wash for the service industry, with the development of society, economic progress, the concept of renewal, we are more intense consumer awareness.


CUMOND Steamer steam cleaning purification top ten advantages:

1, saving water (98%), to protect the environment

2, sterilization rate of 99% or more

3, steam thermal degradation, decontamination effect is remarkable

4, body deep decontamination, clean, thorough

5, indoor steam sauna aroma wonderful endless

6, soft steam will not wear body

7, car air conditioning deodorant power infinite

8, the steam water content is small, does not hurt the circuit, the internal cleaning efficient fast

9, the steam effectively decomposed oil, the engine dirt swept away

10, steam quickly volatile, no residue, no water corrosion


Industry status:

Steam car washing machine, in recent years, Europe and the United States and other developed countries the rise of aristocratic steam beauty advanced care services, exquisite car maintenance has been in the world more than 120 countries hot start. With the door of the car wash, O2O and other concepts continue to spread, steam car wash from the store to come out, to the community, to our side of each car, everyone, steam car wash also took off the cold coat, from high prices Turned into the home of the preferred way to wash the car. Through continuous technological innovation, the current mainstream of the steam car wash, both to ensure that the steam car wash water, efficient and lower temperature to ensure that the body paint no harm, not only can clean the outside, the interior can also use steam clean.

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