What is the role of steam cleaners?

What is the role of steam cleaners?

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The role of the steam cleaner can be easily cleaned, sterilized, disinfected, and deodorized.


Steam cleaners have a wide range of applications and customer groups, ranging from car wash services to medical institutions, kindergartens to various dining environments, hotels and fitness clubs, and pet hospitals to hypermarkets. By using the right accessories, the steam cleaner can also effectively remove the gum on the ground.

CUMOND steam cleaner can use superheated steam to completely clean and sterilize the surface, reducing the amount of water and detergent used up to 80%, which will help maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Steam cleaning can be easier and faster. Complete daily cleaning tasks.

Using a steam cleaner for car washing will save half the time and have a significant effect. Steam cleaning can be used to clean car exteriors and interiors, not only saving car wash time, but also significantly reducing the amount of chemical cleaners used. Steam-cleaned surfaces are very dry after cleaning, and interiors and floor mats can be dried in minutes, not only clean and fast, but also can remove various car odors.

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CUMOND, founded in 2014, is a machinery research and development enterprise specializing in high pressure hot water cleaning equipments, pressure steam washing machines.