How to descale the steam cleaner

How to descale the steam cleaner

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The first point to pay attention to when using steam cleaners in winter is descaling. According to the different water quality in various countries, steam cleaners need to regularly remove scale. The cycle is usually divided once a week in the case of frequent use, and half if used infrequently. In addition to scale once a month to 1 month, the method of removing scale is to mix 10:1 descaling agent into the water tank, open the machine to work, and let the machine inhale the water mixed with the descaling agent into the machine for one week, then shut down and place one. In the evening, the next day, use a clear water cycle to rinse out the descaling.


The second point to use the steam cleaner in winter is to prevent freezing. In cold regions, the temperature is as low as minus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Such a low temperature is frozen when the water is used. After the daytime use, the water pipe needs to be taken out and turned on to make it idling. The internal water is completely emptied in seconds, so that no freezing occurs.

In winter, the room temperature is low, and the warm-up time of the steam cleaner is about 20 seconds longer than that in the summer. Therefore, when there is no steam after starting the machine, please do not think that the steam cleaner is faulty. Wait for the steam to appear after the normal operation sequence. .

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