Why are you optimistic about the market prospects of steam cleaning machines?

Why are you optimistic about the market prospects of steam cleaning machines?

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First, the market status

In most countries and regions around the world, the number of cars has reached the edge of flooding.

Although the huge possession of the car jeopardizes traffic safety and urban environmental protection, it has stimulated the vigorous development of the automobile maintenance and maintenance market, and the crisis can also change business opportunities.

Car fine care has formed a huge industrial chain, you can ignore her scale, but can not let business opportunities miss, everything is so simple, everything is so obvious, caught, you become the winner of life.

Second, the advantages of steam cleaning

1. Speed up the cleaning process and make the time more efficient:

The traditional washing needs to complete five steps of flushing, foaming, scrubbing, rinsing, and drying. The process is cumbersome and takes too long; while the steam car washes between the spray and the wipe, the body is as clean as new, and it can be done in 10 minutes.

2, More labor saving:

Traditional washing requires at least two people ; steam washing is high efficient because of the simple cleaning process.It only need one person can be used.

3, Better effect:

Traditional washing is difficult to completely remove the stubborn stains on the surface of the car body, and it is easy to cause scratches during the scrubbing process. The steam car wash is to thermally degrade the stains, particles, etc. by saturated steam under high temperature and high pressure, and vaporize and evaporate them. Pollution is two birds.

The amount of water used in traditional washing is extremely high. It is about 30-50 liters to wash a car in tradtional way;CUMOND steam car wash requires only 3-5 liters of water, only about one-tenth of that of water washing.

5, The function is more comprehensive:

The traditional washing can only clean car exterior and the foot pad; CUMOND steam cleaning machine not only clean car exterior& interior, air conditioner ,car engine, vehical, roof, but also be used for range hoods, sofas, household appliances, etc.

6, The service is more intimate:

Traditional washing can only be done in the car washing shop, hard to provide door-to-door car wash service, customers drive back and forth, time-consuming and laborious; CUMOND's outdoor mobile steam cleaner (Diesel steamer or LPG steamer) can provide customers with on-site service, saving time and effort.

7. It is easier to open a car washing shop:

Traditional water washing is heavily polluted and restricted by some national policies. Many countries and regions restrict the opening of stores. Compared with washing cars, steam washing and washing is very small, which can meet the requirements of various emission policies, and the site selection is not affected.

Third, application of cleaning service (video):

1. Car roof cleaning:

2, Car engine cleaning:

3, Car air conditioning cleaning:

4, Car vehicle cleaning:

5, Car seat cushion cleaning:

6, Car exterior & interior cleaning:

CUMOND high pressure cleaning equipment and steam cleaning machine in action for eco-friendly cleaning.

Fourth, why choose CUMOND cleaning machine:

1, Comprehensive model:

In order to adapt to more working conditions, CUMOND has developed an electric type,gasoline/LPG type ,diesel type of steam cleaning machine. At the same time, it also has a store-based cleaning machine, a mobile cleaning machine, and an all-encompassing equipment system.

2, Highest quality:

All parts of CUMOND steam washing machine are manufactured or processed in strict accordance with national standards. Full stainless steel material which is characterized by both hardness and toughness, impact resistance, and strong oxidation resistance.

3. Strong adaptability:

CUMOND steam washing machine adopts the intelligent teletype control system. The steam dry humidity can be precisely adjusted. When cleaning the dirty body, it can be adjusted to the limit of 20MPA. When cleaning the inner chamber, it can be adjusted to the waterless state. CUMOND Once experimented, the cigarettes in the waterless state will not be extinguished.

4, Better effect :

In order to reach higher requirements, CUMOND has specially developed a honeycomb combustion chamber. The high calorific value is high in steam volume, high in pressure, and 60S preheating, and the cleaning is more thorough.

5, Humanized design:

Built-in large capacity water tank, stable pressure water supply, external faucet.

Fifth, Contact us:

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