Inspection method for cleaning effect of high pressure water washer machine

Inspection method for cleaning effect of high pressure water washer machine

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CUMOND high pressure water washer is one of the important equipments in the cleaning industry. It is a cleaning actuator connected to the high pressure pump through the high pressure outlet pipe to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Different types of high-pressure cleaners have different performances and uses. When selected and matched, the cleaning performance and function of high-pressure cleaning equipment can be fully utilized. Relatively speaking, high-pressure cleaners are widely used, and their structures are also standard parts, which are composed of pipes, high-pressure nozzles and high-pressure nozzles. The diameter of the high pressure nozzle is divided into sizes to suit different cleaning objects. In addition, the pipeline also has lengths and lengths to suit different user needs.

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The other is a rotary high-pressure cleaner, which is mainly used to clean the inner wall of various pipes. The rotating high-pressure nozzle is installed on the original equipment. There are several high-pressure nozzles on the nozzle, and the jets can be sprayed in different directions. And the cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe has a unique performance. There is also a high-pressure hot water washing machine, which is made of a special material and has excellent heat resistance. In addition to the high-pressure pump, the high-pressure cleaner has a heating boiler that heats the water temperature through the boiler to produce a high-temperature and high-pressure water jet, which has special effects on cleaning various equipment and oil in the pipeline.

In addition, the high-pressure cleaner is also a common cleaning device. The high-pressure pump of this equipment can produce ultra-high pressure water flow, and the high-pressure nozzle is made of special materials, which is very hard and wear-resistant. The nozzle is a very thin hole, and the jet of high-pressure water jet  gun has a very strong penetrating power. It can cut metal materials and non-metal materials, and even cut reinforced concrete materials. Not only that, but the high-pressure cleaner can also punch holes in these materials. This high-pressure cutting water gun plays a magical role, greatly improving the cutting effect and quality. In short, all kinds of high pressure cleaners have different uses and play different functions and functions.

After using the high-pressure cleaner to clean the oil and grease, we want to know how the cleaning effect is. Then we neeed to test and figure out the effect after cleaning?Here we have some tips for you to check as following:

(1) Random sampling method

This kind of detection method is suitable for cleaning objects more cumbersome. Due to time, we can't test the cleaning objects one by one. At this time, we often need to randomly extract individual cleaning objects for testing. The result is to determine the cleanliness of all the cleaning objects. The need to pay attention to the use of this method is to select a certain number of tests to more accurately reflect the overall situation.

(2) Taking the part with serious pollution as the inspection standard

When we use this method to carry out the test, if the cleanliness of the severely contaminated parts has reached the required level, then the cleaning effect of other parts with less serious pollution can generally meet the requirements of cleanliness.

(3) Special inspection of specific dirt

This method of detection is to select the most influential dirt for measurement. The general mechanical parts are degreased and cleaned. This method is suitable. The high-pressure cleaning machine at this time focuses on oily dirt without specific detection of other dirt. This test method can also check the cleanliness of the object to be cleaned.

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