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Steam car wash advantages:

  • cleaning of dashboard, windows, upholstery and carpets

  • deodorizing and sterilizing at the same time without chemicals

  • sanitizing car interior by killing of germs and mites

  • upholstery and carpets are dry and ready to use in a few seconds

  • easy cleaning of nooks and parts, which are almost impossible to reach

  • cleaning of engines and undercarriages

  • brighter shining polish

  • mobile operating anywhere

  • ideal for a large range of vehicles

  • no limits due to legal restrictions for traditional water intensive car washing systems

  • steam technology prevents soiling of the operators clothing

  • easy adjustment of steam temperature by nozzle distance

car engine steam cleaning

steam car wash

car steam cleaning

The revolutionary ecologic car washing system with a wide range of applications, deep cleaning and total sanitizing comes with a new and pleasant technology. Dry steam is the solution for saving water and enviromentallly friendly car washing. Heat combined with pressure creates a powerful cleaning solution that melts away dirt, grime, oil, tar, bird droppings and tree sap like nothing else can do. Save time and money with a flexible and fast mobile system for a large range of applications.

With steam clening there are no dimensional limits. Cleaning can be performed on size and type of vehicle, even those not suitable to normal carwashes. Vapor is also far less abrasive than water jet or brush cleaning and therefore appropriate for classic cars, deluxe limos, motorcycles, bikes and scooters without fear of damaging delicate parts.

Steam is a safe and user friendly technology and does not damage paint on cars if used correctly. Paints made for automobiles are highly weather resistant and made to endure extreme cold and heat. Steam temperature working on car’s surface depends on the distance between the steam gun’s nozzle tip and the surface.


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