Self-check for failure of high-pressure washer

Self-check for failure of high-pressure washer

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The high-pressure washer machine is a kind of cleaning the surface of the object by using the power device to make the high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water. The impact of the water is greater than the adhesion of the dirt to the surface of the object, and the high-pressure water will peel off the dirt and wash it away to clean the surface of the object. Cleaning equipment.

Safe operation skills on high pressure washer machine

(1) During operation: Always wear appropriate goggles, gloves and masks.

(2) Always keep hands and feet away from the cleaning nozzle.

(3) Always check all electrical connections.

(4) Always check all liquids.

(5) Always check the hose for cracks and leaks.

(6) When the spray gun is not in use, it is always necessary to put the setting trigger in a safety lock state.

(7) Always release the pressure in the washing machine before disconnecting the hose.

(8) Always drain the water in the hose after each use.

(9) Never point the spray gun at yourself or others.

(10) Never start the equipment before checking that all hose connections have been locked in place.

(11) Never start the equipment until the water supply is turned on and the proper water flows through the spray gun stem. Then connect the required cleaning nozzle to the spray gun rod.

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