How to maintain high-pressure cleaners in cold weather

How to maintain high-pressure cleaners in cold weather

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Recently, most areas ushered in the strongest cold wave since the beginning of winter, and most areas ushered in cooling, snow, and temperatures below freezing. In order to effectively prevent the adverse effects of low temperature and cold weather on the normal operation of high-pressure washing equipment, CUMOND machinery hereby reminds everyone to do anti-freezing and thawing work for high-pressure washing equipment to prevent your property loss due to low temperature and freezing weather. The points are as Follows:

How to maintain high-pressure cleaners in cold weather

1. Add heat preservation measures to the high-pressure flushing equipment to prevent the water pump, high-pressure pipe and waterway from freezing.

2. Drain the water in the temporarily unused high-pressure cleaner, and empty the water in the water tank, water pipe and other waterway components.

3. Before stopping use, use a high-pressure washer to suck non-corrosive antifreeze, so that the pump head, high-pressure pipe, high-pressure gun and other parts in contact with water can pass through the antifreeze to prevent freezing damage.

4. When not in use, store the high-pressure washing equipment in a room above 0°C to prevent freezing.

5. Since all our equipment has been tested with water before leaving the factory, the pumps, high-pressure pipes and waterway components of the new equipment shipped from the factory contain water, and the above anti-freezing measures must also be implemented.

6. If the washing machine is found to be frozen, do not start the high-pressure washing equipment, and do not use boiling water to pour in, pour in, etc. to thaw. Only use warm thaw, or place the cleaning equipment at room temperature to thaw naturally.

7. For the thawing of high-pressure pipes and high-pressure guns, refer to the thawing measures of high-pressure washing equipment.

8. After the high-pressure washing equipment and accessories are completely thawed, the operation can be started. After stopping the use, the above anti-freezing measures must be used to prevent freezing.

9. The freezing of high-pressure washing equipment will damage the seals in the high-pressure pump and reduce the sealing performance.

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