Working principle and precautions of steam cleaning machine

Working principle and precautions of steam cleaning machine

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The steam cleaning machine, also known as the saturated steam cleaning machine, is a cleaning equipment that uses the high temperature and high pressure of saturated steam to clean the oily dirt on the surface of the parts and vaporize it. It can also clean any small gaps and holes, strip and remove oil stains and residues, and achieve the requirements of high efficiency, water saving, clean, dry and low cost, instead of expensive dry ice cleaning.

The advantage of steam cleaning is that it saves water, reduces the use of various cleaning agents, and is environmentally friendly and safe.

CUMOND high pressure cleaning equipment and steam cleaning machine in action for eco-friendly cleaning.

Working principle:

The The working principle of the steam cleaning machine is to speed up the movement speed of the resistant molecules on the dirt surface through the steam generated by the high temperature, and achieve the purpose of eliminating various stubborn stains by destroying the bonding force between them, and at the same time remove the various stubborn stains attached to the object. Bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens are completely eliminated. Equipped with various functional and convenient accessories such as nozzles and brushes, the environmental protection concept without any cleaning agent, and the high efficiency of rapid decontamination and sterilization.

Notes on steam cleaners:

1. It is strictly forbidden to add any chemicals such as detergents, and only ordinary water can be used.

2. Do not fill too much water when used, because there is a pressure reducing valve on the lid, and the water will overflow from the hole of the pressure reducing valve if it is too full.

3. Add water during use and pour water after use: When opening the lid, be sure to blow out the steam inside, be sure to blow it several times, and then slowly open the lid.

4. When changing your head, don't pull it down hard, you must spin it first and then go down.

5. After cleaning, please leave the cleaner for a period of time to let its body cool, and then pour out the remaining water, which will help protect the heater.

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