Pressure washing machines are a great solution for cleaning paint shops

Pressure washing machines are a great solution for cleaning paint shops

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High stress washer is a brand-new type of cleansing devices with high effectiveness, energy saving as well as environmental protection. At present, it has actually been widely made use of in car manufacturing, power industry, hefty commercial equipment cleaning and other areas. Due to the presence of particular risks, it is essential to focus on safety and security as well as conventional use when utilizing it. It is required to purely comply with the safety operation requirements to ensure its safe and right use.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the cleanliness of vehicle paint manufacturing as well as the smooth exhaust of the paint cubicle, the auto paint shop needs to clean the grille as well as skid of the paint booth routinely to eliminate the paint haze fragments and also other contaminations attached to their surface areas. The high-pressure water jet has the features of combing, wedge splitting, shearing, grinding and various other composite crushing, which can instantly break short the scale and get rid of, so regarding realize the splitting up of scale and body. Today, the use of high-pressure cleaners in my country to clean up the grilles and also skids of the spray booths of car painting assembly line has actually ended up being an excellent remedy in the industry.

Typical paint removal approaches, such as paint remover, manual knife shovel, and fire burning, not just have high follow-up therapy prices and low performance, however additionally cause damage as well as deformation of the workpiece as well as air contamination in the working environment.

Pressure washing machines are a great solution for cleaning paint shops

The major application of high pressure water weapons in paint workshop:

1. Pre-cleaning prior to paint;

2. Cleaning up grid board, skid, fixture as well as paint elimination necklace;

3. Cleansing of complementary facilities in spray cubicle;

4. Clean the surface area of the white body in the welding workshop consisting of a huge quantity of iron fillings, welding slag, anti-rust oil, and so on.

Pressure washing machines are a great solution for cleaning paint shops

Requirements for preparation before job

a. Operators need to go through pre-job training as well as duplicated training

b. The high-pressure cleaner is a special cleaning devices, and also the driver requires to put on supporting safety tools;

c. Operators are prohibited from drinking alcohol and fatigued operation before change;

d. At the very least 2 people are called for in the functioning team, and also the certain drivers depend upon the size as well as trouble of the task;

e. Inspect the oil degree of the devices and the primary pump to avoid the equipment from sintering due to lack of oil;

f. Confirm that the main water inlet of the devices is tightly connected.

CUMOND high pressure cleaning equipment and steam cleaning machine in action for eco-friendly cleaning.

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CUMOND, founded in 2014, is a machinery research and development enterprise specializing in high pressure hot water cleaning equipments, pressure steam washing machines.