What are the methods to deal with the failure of the hot water pressure cleaner?

What are the methods to deal with the failure of the hot water pressure cleaner?

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The reason the boiler of heat and high pressure cleaning device can not be fired up typically. Generally, business warm water high pressure cleansing devices utilize high-voltage electrodes to discharge and ignite, and after that control the oil supply and the combustion of the boiler through the solenoid valve. There are generally the following reasons for the failure to spark usually:

Temperature control damage, pressure, flow, fuel supply and other sensing units do not transfer working signals normally, and diesel pump damage, fuel injection nozzle blockage or damage, clog or incorrect position of the oil outlet valve of the oil pump, the ignition fork has carbon deposits, incorrect position or damage.

So how should it be handled?

Check whether the position of the ignition fork is correct, whether there is a high-voltage arc at the top of the two electrodes, and at the same time inspect whether the fuel injector injects fuel, so that it can be figured out whether the ignition is not fired up or the fuel is not supplied. Let's have a look at it together.

1, No ignition:

The factor for non-ignition might be carbon deposition or the incorrect position of the ignition fork, which can be solved by a little treatment, and the ignition fork can be replaced if required.

2, No oil supply:

If there is no oil supply, examine whether the oil pump is working normally, open the oil return pipeline, and examine whether there is normal oil returning from the oil return pipeline. If there is oil returning, it can be determined that it is the oil supply solenoid valve. no job. The option is to utilize a multimeter to determine whether the solenoid valve is harmed (generally about 24Ω). If the solenoid valve is damaged, change the solenoid valve; if it is not damaged, you require to inspect whether it gets a voltage signal; if there is no voltage signal, it can be identified as If the circuit is malfunctioning, it is essential to check one by one from the temperature control to the pressure switch, circulation valve, and oil level switch. Where there is no connection, the faulty place can be identified, and the repair can be fixed. If there is no typical oil return, it can be identified that the oil pump is harmed, and it can be replaced or fixed.

What are the methods to deal with the failure of the hot water pressure cleaner?

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