Flexible operation of high pressure hot water washer

Flexible operation of high pressure hot water washer

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High-pressure hot water washer are generally divided into two types, hot water and cold water, but generally the pressure of our commonly used hot water high pressure washer is not higher than 250bar. Hot water high pressure washer are mainly used to clean difficult The dirt washed, the hot water high pressure washer is heated by the expansion tube. When the water passes through the expansion tube, the pressure of the expansion tube will be relatively large. If the bearing capacity of the expansion tube does not increase, the hot water high pressure washer The pressure will not increase. However, if the pressure of the expansion tube increases, the cost will also increase. Therefore, the working pressure of the hot water high pressure cleaning machine will be around 200bar. When using high pressure, the high pressure cold water cleaning machine is generally used to achieve the cleaning effect by relying on its working pressure. When cleaning oil and various stubborn stains, it is necessary to Use a hot water pressure washer or a saturated steam cleaner.

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The function of high pressure hot water washer:

  1. The use of washer for high-pressure water washer is conducive to restoring the production efficiency of industrial equipment.

    Taking petrochemical plant scaling as an example, petrochemical plant scaling will accumulate more and more over time, usually causing heat exchange equipment to spread. The thermal coefficient decreases rapidly, which leads to the reduction of the pipeline flow area or the increase of the flow resistance. As a result, the energy consumption and material consumption will continue to increase, and the production efficiency will decrease accordingly. And if we can use the cleaning machine to clean in time, we can obviously remove the dirt, so as to quickly restore the production efficiency of the equipment.

  2. The use of washer for high-pressure water washer is conducive to the rapid recovery of production. In the process of industrial production, a large number of industrial production equipment often have local pipeline scaling and blockage, which seriously affects the normal operation of production. In view of this situation, we Equipment maintenance is required from time to time. The use of high-pressure water jet cleaning can quickly remove the dirt, ensure the normal operation of the production device, and quickly resume production, thereby enabling industrial production to obtain more economic benefits.

The high-pressure hot water washer is driven by a motor to drive a triple-cylinder plunger pump to form a high-pressure water flow, and washes the surface of the object to be cleaned through a trigger-type spray gun. It is characterized by independent design, novel and compact structure, light weight, flexible and convenient operation, easy maintenance, stable and reliable performance, strong cleaning power, water saving and energy saving.

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