High-pressure cleaner can remove the most serious special dirt

High-pressure cleaner can remove the most serious special dirt

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The cleaning of the high-pressure cleaner should be based on different cleaning objects and needs, select the required jet form and actuator, and then use the high impact kinetic energy of the high-pressure water jet to continuously strike, erode, cut, peel, and peel off the objects to be cleaned. Unblock for cleaning purposes. It has the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, low comprehensive cost, energy saving, no corrosion and no damage to the cleaning substrate, easy to realize mechanization, automation and intelligent control. The shape of the cleaning can be a component with a complex structure, and it can be operated in a complex environment, a narrow space, and a harsh environment.

CUMOND high pressure cleaning equipment and steam cleaning machine in action for eco-friendly cleaning.

High-pressure water cleaner with a high-pressure jet nozzle can remove special scale layers that cannot or are difficult to clean with other cleaning methods. Removal of gypsum, hydrocarbon residues, concrete, coking, microbial sludge, polymer scale, etc. Because the working medium used by the high-pressure cleaner is clean water without adding any chemicals, the cleaning effect is much better than traditional manual cleaning, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

The inevitability of the existence of high pressure cleaner:

1. The rise of labor costs and the improvement of the quality of human resources have put forward new requirements for the use of equipment.

2. The standardization of cleaning and the controllability of cleaning quality make the use of equipment more and more important in cleaning work.

3. With the emergence of cleaning problems and the improvement of cleaning technology, the cleaning work has become dependent on the application of equipment.

4. The division of labor is becoming more and more specialized, and the needs of market segments have emerged, making cleaning equipment an inevitable equipment for competition in market segments.

5. The improvement of cleaning quality and the added value of cleaning have expanded the market application of cleaning equipment.

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