Why does people want steam machine for car washing services?

Why does people want steam machine for car washing services?

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Steam cleaning machine, also known as saturated steam cleaning machine, is the use of saturated steam and high-pressure high-pressure, cleaning parts of the surface of the oil stains, and its vaporization evaporation of a cleaning equipment. It also cleanses any fine gaps and voids, stripping and removing oil and residue, resulting in an efficient, water-saving, clean, dry, low-cost alternative to expensive dry ice cleaning.
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The most important thing is that you can use natural, environmentally friendly steam to ensure that your home environment without the need to rely on any chemical cleanliness. The benefits of steam cleaning is obvious, the slightest penetration of steam and direct access to the smallest pit, the collapse of the most stubborn dirt. Steam cleaning for any home environment, whether it is single-family homes, small families or extended family, in the shortest possible time effortlessly to obtain the best cleaning results.

The principle of steam cleaning is to meet the needs of those who are more curious, more responsible behavior of the people, at the same time for our environment and your family's health.

The power of steam
The secret of steam cleaning is based on a simple principle: strong combination of pressure, speed and temperature. Users benefit from their superior cleaning performance, so cleaning power is so great that the most stubborn dirt can be easily removed. Subtle vapor particles have excellent penetration ability, direct access to the most difficult to reach the cracks and pits to disintegrate dirt, completely avoid chemical substances, protect the environment while reducing costs. Microscale vapor particles vapor can safely and effectively remove stubborn dirt from the smallest pits that are difficult to reach by the cleaning tool.

Steam cleaning
The steam is produced at a pressure of 2.3 bar by a steam cleaner (approximately the pressure state when the champagne cork is flying out), which causes the steam to eject from the nozzle at a rate of about 170 km / h and the dirt is strongly vaporised The removal, to achieve an effective cleaning effect.

The temperature
The temperature at which the steam is ejected from the nozzle is 100 ° C, even if the temperature drops, and the temperature at the surface of the object to be cleaned is much higher than the object itself. Large temperature differences make the dirt swell larger than the surface of the object to be cleaned, as the dirt itself is detached. The use of multi-function cleaning cloth and brush head with steam cleaner can improve the ability of steam to disintegrate the dirt.

How does a steam cleaner work?

Steam cleaning machine works like a pressure cooker. Depending on the model, the time required to produce steam per liter of water heated to boiling in a sealed heater varies from 1 to 6 minutes. The pressure inside the machine rises to 4.2 bar (the tire pressure is 2.5 bar). Users of course no need to worry about safety, steam cleaning machines meet the world's highest safety standards, rigorous testing and inspection. The standard also applies to zero attachment.

Steam cleaning machine is widely used, such as milling machine cleaning, CNC machine tools and foundry equipment to clean the cleaning effect of comparison and injection molding machine cleaning. Mechanical and electrical installations, as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and other original device cleaning can be cleaned in a very short period of time. Oil, grease, graphite or other stubborn dirt clean dry steam can be easily resolved, but also for high-temperature sterilization work. In many cases the device can completely replace the expensive dry ice cleaning method.

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