Important five points during using steam cleaning machine

Important five points during using steam cleaning machine

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Steam cleaning machine is the use of saturated steam and high pressure, cleaning parts of the surface of the oil stains, and its vaporization evaporation of a cleaning equipment. It also cleanses any fine gaps and voids, stripping and removing oil and residue, resulting in an efficient, water-saving, clean, dry, low-cost alternative to expensive dry ice cleaning.

1. It is strictly forbidden to add any chemicals, such as detergents, but only ordinary water.

2. Do not use the water too full, because the lid on the valve was too full of water overflow from the hole in the valve.

3. Use the process of adding water and run out of water: open the lid when the steam must take the kick down, be sure to play a few times Oh, and then slowly open the lid.

4. Do not try hard to pull down for the first time, we must first spin down and then the next Oh.

5. After cleaning, please put the cleaner for a period of time, let the fuselage cooling, and then poured out of water, this will help protect the heater


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