Ordinary malfunction of high pressure washing machine

Ordinary malfunction of high pressure washing machine

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High-pressure washing machine, through the power plant so that high-pressure piston pump to produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of the machine. It can be stripped dirt, washed away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because it is the use of high-pressure water column to clean up the dirt, so high-pressure cleaning is recognized as the world's most scientific, economic, environmental protection, one of the cleaning methods.

High-pressure washing machine in use, inevitably failure. When the problem occurs, should be based on different fault phenomena, carefully look for reasons. B) nozzle blockage, c) heating spiral blockage, if necessary, remove scale; 2) the water pressure instability: a) water supply shortage, b) the water supply is not stable, D) high-pressure water pump seal leakage; 3) the burner does not ignite combustion: a) into the air volume is insufficient, take white smoke, the smoke is not high, the pressure is too low, B) fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel nozzle dirty plug, d) solenoid valve damage, e) ignition electrode position change, sparks too weak, f) high-voltage ignition coil damage, g) pressure switch damage.

High temperature and pressure washer the above problems, the user can find out their own reasons, troubleshooting. However, if the washing machine leakage of the pump body, crankcase leakage and other more serious failure, should be sent to the washing machine accessories complete, strong technical force of the professional repair department repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses. On a high-pressure washing machine common faults and solutions Next Ultrasonic cleaning machine routine maintenance and maintenance.

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