How does Cumond steam washer works?

How does Cumond steam washer works?

2017-06-20 11:34:41 admin 111

Cumond Steam car washer ,the Steam Pressure is the most powerful portable dry vapor steam cleaner on the market. You can transport the machine easily as the Steambox comes up with the wheels. The Steam Pressure also features continuous fill allowing for connection to a water hose so you can use the machine 24/7 with continuous steam and continuous pressure and never face downtime.

It is equiped with powerful vacuum cleaner,which is highly used for car interior cleaning.Especially good for floor and hotel cleaning.Small size,easy move and operate.Logo print on the machine is also acceptable.


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CUMOND, founded in 2014, is a machinery research and development enterprise specializing in high pressure hot water cleaning equipments, pressure steam washing machines.