• High-pressure cleaner can remove the most serious special dirt

    The cleaning of the high-pressure cleaner should be based on different cleaning objects and needs, select the required jet form and actuator, and then use the high impact kinetic energy of the high-pressure water jet to continuously strike, erode, cut, peel, and peel off the objects to be cleaned. Unblock for cleaning purposes.

    2022/08/12 admin

  • How to maintain high-pressure cleaners in cold weather

    Recently, most areas ushered in the strongest cold wave since the beginning of winter, and most areas ushered in cooling, snow, and temperatures below freezing. In order to effectively prevent the adv

    2022/03/05 admin

  • Ways to solve the problem of loud noise of high pressure pipeline cleaning machine

    The use of high pressure pipeline cleaning machine is particularly limited. Whether in manufacturing, agriculture, science and technology, and national defense, we can see that we are using high-press

    2022/03/05 admin

  • 500kg industrial pipeline high pressure washer

    Are you worrying about the difficulty of cleaning the oil fume pipes, are you worrying about the difficulty of recruiting workers for the movement of people, are you also worrying about the chaos of t

    2022/03/05 admin

  • Working principle and precautions of steam cleaning machine

    The steam cleaning machine, also known as the saturated steam cleaning machine, is a cleaning equipment that uses the high temperature and high pressure of saturated steam to clean the oily dirt on the surface of the parts and vaporize it.

    2022/03/05 admin

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