• Flexible operation of high pressure hot water washer

    High-pressure hot water washer are generally divided into two types, hot water and cold water, but generally the pressure of our commonly used hot water high pressure washer is not higher than 250bar. Hot water high pressure washer are mainly used to clean difficult The dirt washed, the hot water high pressure washer is heated by the expansion tube.

    2022/08/09 admin

  • What precautions ought to be taken when cleaning with a heat pump high pressure washer

    When using a heat pump high pressure washing machine for cleaning operations, it is dangerous to run incorrectly. Consequently, in a specific cleansing operation, the driver of the high-pressure cleaner has to do a great job of protection. So, what sort of protection do drivers require to do? Below we will present this facet thoroughly.

    2022/03/05 admin

  • Frequent problems with outdoor cold water stress washers due to improper use

    Although the procedure of exterior cold water pressure washing machine is easy, if it is not correctly operated, it can additionally lead to accidents. For that reason, along with comprehending the efficiency of the high-pressure washer

    2022/03/05 admin

  • Ways to solve the problem of loud noise of high pressure pipeline cleaning machine

    The use of high pressure pipeline cleaning machine is particularly limited. Whether in manufacturing, agriculture, science and technology, and national defense, we can see that we are using high-press

    2022/03/05 admin

  • 500kg industrial pipeline high pressure washer

    Are you worrying about the difficulty of cleaning the oil fume pipes, are you worrying about the difficulty of recruiting workers for the movement of people, are you also worrying about the chaos of t

    2022/03/05 admin

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