• Flexible operation of high pressure hot water washer

    High-pressure hot water washer are generally divided into two types, hot water and cold water, but generally the pressure of our commonly used hot water high pressure washer is not higher than 250bar. Hot water high pressure washer are mainly used to clean difficult The dirt washed, the hot water high pressure washer is heated by the expansion tube.

    2022/08/09 admin

  • What are the methods to deal with the failure of the hot water pressure cleaner?

    The reason the boiler of heat and high pressure cleaning device can not be fired up typically. Generally, business warm water high pressure cleansing devices utilize high-voltage electrodes to discharge and ignite, and after that control the oil supply and the combustion of the boiler through the solenoid valve.

    2022/03/06 admin

  • What precautions ought to be taken when cleaning with a heat pump high pressure washer

    When using a heat pump high pressure washing machine for cleaning operations, it is dangerous to run incorrectly. Consequently, in a specific cleansing operation, the driver of the high-pressure cleaner has to do a great job of protection. So, what sort of protection do drivers require to do? Below we will present this facet thoroughly.

    2022/03/05 admin

  • How to strip paint & rust using a water pressure washer?

    As we all know CUMOND pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines that can blast away layers of rust and paint from any surfaces. Before you begin, it is essential to prep the surface before addin

    2021/08/23 CUMOND

  • Self-check for failure of high-pressure washer

    The high-pressure washer machine is a kind of cleaning the surface of the object by using the power device to make the high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water. The impact of the water

    2021/08/23 admin

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