• 500kg industrial pipeline high pressure washer

    Are you worrying about the difficulty of cleaning the oil fume pipes, are you worrying about the difficulty of recruiting workers for the movement of people, are you also worrying about the chaos of t

    2022/03/05 admin

  • CW-T18 Pipe cleaning and inspection robot for ships cleaning and oil pipeline cleaning

    High temperature pressure washer can be used with robot, the high temperature nozzle connected to the pipeline robot delivered to the internal pipes, view and control the internal pipe cleaning nozzle through video surveillance platform. , Easy manipulation greatly enhance the progress of the project in the pipeline is free to reach any corner, the whole video control, more thorough cleaning. High temperature high pressure water jet cleaning, do not damage the wall, environmental safety. Really eliminate fumes risks, to fire safety requirements.

    2016/12/30 admin

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CUMOND, founded in 2014, is a machinery research and development enterprise specializing in high pressure hot water cleaning equipments, pressure steam washing machines.