• How to strip paint & rust using a water pressure washer?

    As we all know CUMOND pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines that can blast away layers of rust and paint from any surfaces. Before you begin, it is essential to prep the surface before addin

    2021/08/23 CUMOND

  • CUMOND Hot water high pressure cleaners against oil and grease

    Grease and oil are stubborn residues due to their consistency and durability. We offer a solution for residue removal without removing your kitchen equipment.Using Cumond hot water gives instantly mea

    2019/04/10 CUMOND

  • Ordinary malfunction of high pressure washing machine

    High-pressure washing machine, through the power plant so that high-pressure piston pump to produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of the machine. It can be stripped dirt, washed away to achi

    2018/12/29 admin

  • Steam car washing advantages and development trends

    CUMOND Steamer steam car wash​ is a high-level steam car detailing care services, high pressure steam car wash can be disinfected, but also decontamination, a unique thermal decomposition function, can quickly resolve the sediment and dirt sticky nature, let it from the attached car Surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Steam car wash has a strong thermal degradation of physical properties, when the surface of the body when the jet, the thermal degradation at the same time, steam car wash jet out of the low temperature steam pressure shock wave is equal to the speed of 90-100 km per hour when the speed Car paint the surface of the contaminated objects swept away the light, and then only wipe, so there is no damage to the car paint, coupled with neutral steam cleaning wax water will quickly solidify the surface of the paint, the formation of wax film to protect the paint.

    2018/12/03 admin

  • Units of industrial diesel steam water pressure washing machines are commissioning.

    Units of industrial diesel steam water pressure washing machines are commissioning.Our customer buy it for remove grease and un-freeze. http://www.cumond.net

    2018/01/11 admin

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