• Daily maintenance of steam cleaner

    Common troubleshooting methods for steam cleaners, In order to prolong the service life of the cleaning machine, daily maintenance is very important and must be strictly implemented

    2022/08/16 admin

  • Is the steam vacuuming multifunctional cleaning device simple to utilize for cleansing oil stains?

    The steam vacuuming multi-functional cleansing machine uses a special steam generation system with a water pump, which can quickly transform tidy water into high-temperature and high-pressure strong steam, accelerate the movement speed of resistant molecules on the dirt surface, and destroy the area in between them. To attain the purpose of getting rid of all sorts of persistent discolorations.

    2022/03/05 admin

  • Working principle and precautions of steam cleaning machine

    The steam cleaning machine, also known as the saturated steam cleaning machine, is a cleaning equipment that uses the high temperature and high pressure of saturated steam to clean the oily dirt on the surface of the parts and vaporize it.

    2022/03/05 admin

  • Notice of Mid-Autumn Festival

    Dear All,Please kindly be informed that we are off work for the Mid-Autumn Festival on Sep 13th-15th (3 days).Please help to communicate this message to our agents, customers, suppliers and any other

    2022/02/28 CUMOND

  • Subway special motor rotor cleaning

    With high temperature and water pressure, nothing removes through and blasts away grease & grime and stain like a  250 bar hot water pressure washer. Cumond hot water and high-pressure remove

    2019/03/16 CUMOND

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