• What is LPG steam cleaner difference with the traditional wash machine with bolier

    As you can see,steam car washer comes more popular in everywhere.Now,Let's see how does our Cumond steam washer works well.1. NO boiler for safe use, free from explosion.2. Instant steaming with a

    2022/03/06 admin

  • Why are you optimistic about the market prospects of steam cleaning machines?

    First, the market statusIn most countries and regions around the world, the number of cars has reached the edge of flooding.Although the huge possession of the car jeopardizes traffic safety and urban

    2021/08/23 admin

  • How does Cumond steam washer works?

    Cumond Steam car washer ,the Steam Pressure is the most powerful portable dry vapor steam cleaner on the market. You can transport the machine easily as the Steambox comes up with the wheels. The Steam Pressure also features continuous fill allowing for connection to a water hose so you can use the machine 24/7 with continuous steam and continuous pressure and never face downtime.

    2017/06/20 admin

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CUMOND, founded in 2014, is a machinery research and development enterprise specializing in high pressure hot water cleaning equipments, pressure steam washing machines.