Gasoline(LPG) Commercial steam car washer machine

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapor to clean a car’s exterior and interior. For decades steam has been a critical component of the cleaning industry due to its effectiveness and sanitizing power. Today, steam has become an ever-growing asset to the car wash industry.Cumond comercial steam car wash is the best solution on car detailing and cleaning.

  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CH-L1000
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing: Wooden case/wooden pallet

Pressure Steam Cleaners, Steam Car Wash, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners, Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners, Power Water WasherPressure Steam Cleaners, Steam Car Wash, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners, Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners, Power Water Washer1499240177.jpg

Basic Information:

1. Feature

 LPG(Liquified Petroleum/Propane Gas) power, two steam gunjets (can wash two cars at the same time, all day long working available) , It has steam humidity adjustment function for dry steam (clean for car interior and engine) and wet steam (clean for car exterior and tire, etc.) As free from fixed electricity power supply system, it is suitable for door to door car wash services.

2. Application Area

 Car wash shop, Door to door car wash service, underground car wash business, parking lot (in supermarket, living department, industry zoom, park, etc.) Besides car steam wash, it can also be used for kitchen steam wash, hotel steam wash, factory equipment wash, food line steam wash, medical equipment steam wash, home care steam wash, etc.

3. Function

 Remove dust, oil, insect body, ice-cream, coke stains, etc. Full cleaning, disinfection and bad smell killing on car interior, exterior and engine.

4. Technical Parameter

Voltage LPG, 2 x 12V batteries for control system
 Power 2.5kg/h for full use of 2 gunjets (Standby no loss)
 Steam Pressure 1.0 MPa (8bar or 145psi), 100% dry saturated steam, better cleaning effect than so called 15bar, 20bar, 100bar pump powered pressure water machine in precision wash.
 Steam Gunjet No. 2 (available for using together all day long)
 Max Steam Temperature 180℃
 Effective Operating Temperature 60℃-130℃
 Water Consumption Rate 36kg/h
 Humidity Adjustment Available for dry and wet steam(24hours pure dry saturated steam for car interior and engine wash, wet steam for dirty exterior)
 Continuous Work Time Non-stop, All day long
 Tank Capacity 18 Liters (Can automatically supply by external water connection)
 Material Stainless steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating
 Hose Length 10 meters

5. Protection system

1) Current leakage automatically shutdown protection. 

2) Overheat automatically shutdown protection.

3) Water shortage alarming and automatically shutdown protection.

4) Overpressure protection automatically shutdown protection, and the safety valve will also take effect to release pressure.


1)Water& Energy Saving——1.5-2L, 0.8KW.H wash a car

2)Multi-function: Car inside, outside and engine washing——One Stop Wash

3)Steam Humidity Adjustment: stepless regulation

4)Environment Friendly: Free from detergent, but wonderful cleaning effect

5)Disinfection and Smell Removing,360 degree no dead corner

6)Mobile and Automacted Controlled: Texas imported chip, LCD display for working condition and defaults.

7)Various Models

Saturated Steam & High Pressure

Micro Hot Water & Self Service & Customized models

8)Multiple Safety Protection Measure: Digital detecting(pressure, temperature, water level) and alarm protection system; Safety valve; Shutdown protections of over-pressure, water shortage, electricity leaking and accident.

9)Durable: Stainless steel body, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating.

10)Imported Electricity Components and Important Parts.

11)Short Steam Generating Time, Steam Standby All the time.

12)Modularized Parts for Easy Maintenance.

13) Working All Day Long, Stable Pressure.

14)Guarantee: One year.

15) Inner Self Clean: Unique cleaning design of tank bottom, cleaning up the scale easily!

16) Certification: CE (European Certificate) & National QS Test  

If other special requirements, we can customize or OEM for you.

7.Standard accessories

Pressure Steam Cleaners, Steam Car Wash, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners, Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners, Power Water Washer


Pressure Steam Cleaners, Steam Car Wash, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners, Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners, Power Water Washer

Steam Cleaning Principle And Function

CUMOND steam temperature is higher than 100 ℃, Then the temperature dropped, But after heated surface stains reach temperatures significantly higher than the temperature of the surface itself, The result is the formation of thermal tension between the dirt and the surface, Which is steam cleaned easily removed from the surface causes of dirt, The temperature errand stain expansion, Almost automatically from the surface.

steam cleaner machine , car steamer , Carpet cleaning

Steam Cleaning Machine Safety Instructions

1. Read all instructions before you use;

2. In order to avoid injury, please be careful to use when you have children around;

3. Be familiar with the control panel, at least you will know how to stop and start the machine;

4. On time maintenance according to the manual;

5. Do not put the gun directly to the people.keep the nozzle open;

6. Do not open or change the internal wiring when electrical control box without disconnecting the power;

7. Do not place hands or fingers on the front of the gun;

8. Before the repair, maintenance, removal of accessories, please turn off the power supply and release residual pressure;

9. Please wear work clothing: waterproof overalls, rubber shoes, eye protection and insulated gloves;

10. Do not spray on the electrical equipment and wiring;

11. Grounding description: electric drive or electric heating equipment must be grounded. If it malfunctions or failure,grounding to prevent electric shock. Improper grounding will cause electric shock.

If you have questions about grounding mouth, then ask a professional electrician check.

Do not modify the wife of the electrical plug (if it does not apply to electrical outlet),

So find a qualified electrician to install, Do not use any converters.

About The Use Of Location

1. Washing machine works best when placed on a flat surface and fixed;

2. Proper drainage;

3. To be avoid the harsh weather when you use the machine at outside.

About Power Configuration

1. It is very important to keep adequate power supply for this machine. Please provide the consistent power configuration;

2.  If any error on the machine, protective devices on the line to be sensitive;

3. The electrical configuration of equipment installed by a qualified electrician,

    in accordance with the relevant rules of national standards to operate;

4. For safety equipment and operator of reasons, we recommend the use of ground-fault current protection;

5. This machine has a maximum rated current value (A).

About Water Configuration

Please do not use muddy, sandy river water, to avoid clogging of the filter when the water inlet ;

1. In any case of the water supply should be 150% rating. If ratings apparatus is 10 liters per minute, then the water supply is 15 liters per minute;

2. When the shortage of water supply, water equipment will stop working until the water level rises, then start the reset button;

3. The water quality in some of countries is not good. It is easy to produce scale. Please contact your local water inspection department for assistance;

4. Be careful not to use rusty, sandy or containing impurities water.

Application of car steam cleaning machine (youtube video)

Car Roof Cleaning:

Car engine cleaning:

Car air conditioning cleaning:

Car vehicle cleaning:

Car seat cushion cleaning:

Car exterior & interior cleaning:

Dry steam demo:

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